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Health care is a human right.

America’s health care system is broken. Private health insurance companies exist only to make profit and they do so by raking in as much money as they can through premiums and co-pays and by denying as many life-saving procedures as possible. The math works out great for shareholders, but leaves millions of Americans without the care they need to survive. Thousands of Americans are dying every single year as a result.  This moral atrocity must end.

It’s time for Medicare for All. Now!

Medicare for All is the only health care proposal that provides universal coverage, lowers health care costs by getting rid of the waste, fraud, and abuse of the private health insurance system, and finally frees Americans to get the health care they need–not the care insurance companies are willing to pay for. Medicare for All offers guaranteed, comprehensive care to everyone in the United States, including dental, vision, long-term care, mental health care and addiction services, reproductive care, and physical therapy—with no out-of-pocket costs. Medicare for All means that no doctor is out of network. Americans can keep their current doctor or see any doctor they choose!

The time for Medicare for All is Now! Click here to join our movement.